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Tree Benefits: The Foundation of a Thriving Community

Updated: Jun 17, 2023

People tend to believe that trees only provide environmental and health benefits as they constantly deploy the oxygen we need to breathe; however, the social benefits that more trees and green common spaces can have on city communities is immense.

1. More Trees Lead to More Social Activities and Communal Belonging

Our mission has always been to make Bloomington a greener environment and through that, our community will flourish with fun activities and a palpable sense of belonging. More trees create beautiful environments that offer excellent scenery for social events. This leads to more events that bring the community together and enhance social ties.

Bloomington offers a great array of musical events, art fairs, and family friendly events for the community. Trees amplify the settings of these events, making citizens happier with the city and feel proud of what the urban landscape looks like. This drives a great sense of belonging, knitting our community even closer together.

2. Mental Benefits Motivate People to Spend Time Outside

Studies show that trees reduce negativity and symptoms of depression, leading to reduced violence and criminal activity. With these effects, we can see that people are motivated to spend more time outside and enjoy the natural beauty. This leads to a plethora of beneficial effects for the community, such as more social integration, local business success, and overall happier people.

Bloomington’s charming stores, restaurants, and venues give our community marvelous reasons to venture out of home and enjoy days and nights out in the town. More trees will strengthen the excitement that is conveyed through spending time outside, causing a socially flourishing environment.

3. Tree Planting Programs

Our tree planting programs have social benefits on their own as they drive environmental literacy, support community initiatives, and heighten civic engagement. These programs bring volunteers together who are all like-minded in the fact that they are community conscious. Bringing these people together helps to knit the community even tighter together, as they share similar ideals.

These programs are altruistic, making people feel better about their impacts and motivate them to support other community initiatives and be more involved. The youth of Bloomington can also be positively impacted, as they learn the importance of environmental literacy and giving back to their communities.

Several adults are busy digging up the ground to make room for new tree plantings.

Clearly, more trees in Bloomington has social impacts that most have never thought of. Community activities will increase and have better turnouts, mental benefits will lead to people spending more time outside, and tree planting programs will help amplify civic engagement. To make these goals achievable, please consider donating to us as we increase canopy cover in Bloomington.

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