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Our Community


Tree Walks

Interested in learning more about the trees in your neighborhood? Invite CanopyBloomington to do a tree walk! Learn about the diversity in your neighborhood trees, identify tree health issues, and ways you can steward your community trees.


Trees 101 Class

Do you love trees? Make sure your landscaping plan begins with CanopyBloomington's Trees 101 class, a FREE 90-minute Zoom instructional course. The class will be offered once a week from mid-February through April.


Youth Tree Tenders

Our Youth Tree Tender program offers an opportunity for high school students to get involved in CanopyBloomington's mission while developing environmental care skills. This program is an excellent way contribute to Bloomington's green spaces while developing great career skills.

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Tree Workshop

CanopyBloomington's Tree Workshop teaches you all about the  fundamentals of trees and tree care.

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Book Club (coming soon)

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