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The State of Bloomington's Urban Forest

Our work at CanopyBloomington is guided by the findings in the 2019 Bloomington Urban Tree Canopy Report prepared by Davey Resource Group for the City of Bloomington. Read the report here.

  • The current tree canopy coverage in Bloomington is 38%. Our attainable tree canopy is 61%, making the area available to plant around 23% across both private and public land. Within the available planting area, 16% is designated as high or very high priority areas for planting trees.

  • Most of the decrease in canopy cover over the last decade has occurred on private land. 

  • Bloomington's trees annually sequester 28,000 tons of carbon, remove 470,000 pounds of air pollutants, and manage 90.6 million gallons of storm water runoff, an annual economic value to Bloomington of $1.9 million.

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