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CanopyBloomington is a social impact organization created to maximize Bloomington's tree canopy and sustainably manage Bloomington's urban forest for trees' many environmental, health, economic, and social benefits, with a focus on tree equity and community engagement.


Trees improve our quality of life in numerous, diverse, and important ways! It's not only critical that we plant more trees where they're lacking, but also to help those trees survive and grow into mature trees that provide real benefits as canopy and carbon sinks, diversify our tree species so that a single disease can't destroy our urban forest, and engage and educate homeowners and citizens on how to properly  care for their trees. Without a long term vision and investment in our urban forest, we will see this vital resource and our quality of life in Bloomington disintegrate bit by bit. We must start now, for the benefit of current and future generations.


Our mission is to engage the Bloomington community in planting and caring for our urban forest together, in order to build a resilient and equitably green city for all. 


We envision a well-connected and informed community where we all get to reap the economic, health, and ecological benefits of trees!  We do this by working together as neighbors to steward Bloomington’s urban forests and other green infrastructure. We imagine a resilient and equitable urban forest created by everyone for everyone.


 Community and Cooperation  Inspire, educate, empower, and employ the community toward our common goals, working with all stakeholders for the benefit of Bloomington and our urban forest.

 Equity and Inclusion  Ensure communities that need greening the most are prioritized and have equitable access to opportunities and resources; support youth and those in need with job opportunities.

 Environmental Sustainability  Promote the stewardship and management of a resilient and sustainably-structured urban forest to yield a highly functional urban ecosystem now and into the future.

 Public Health and Happiness  Facilitate improved physical and mental health of residents and increase community capacity by building a greener city through community engagement.

 Science and Creativity  Dedicated to transparent, data-driven decision-making integrated with creative and inspirational initiatives that celebrate and communicate our green goals.

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