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Right Tree, Right Place!

Choosing the right tree species, size, and planting spot will help your tree thrive for years to come, maximize its benefits, and limit future interference with utilities, other trees, your home and driveway, and other features of your yard, neighbor’s yard, and street.

Choose your site, first!

  • Select your site before selecting your species. Use the diagram below to help make decisions about your site. This will dictate what stature and species of tree you should purchase.

  • Imagine what the tree will look like in 20 years! If you want a large statured tree species in your yard, then you won’t want to plant it closer than 10 feet to your house. But, if you have a wide, open space with no conflicts in your yard, consider planting a large-statured tree versus a smaller one.

  • Call 811 prior to planting your tree to locate any underground utilities.

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