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What you'll learn

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Tips for trees, both new and old

There are a variety of ways to ensure a young tree reaches maturity and several things you need to do once that tree grows to ensure a long, healthy life.

Native trees failing due to climate change

We'll share which two beloved groups are dying and what you can do about it.

12 common lawncare practices that are bad for trees

You—or the people you hire— are probably doing at least one of these bad habits.

Native trees to plant

We'll share what’s on CanopyBloomington’s list of amazing (and little known) native species to plant instead of failing trees.


Jodi Baker,

Bloomington resident

I joined Canopy with little knowledge of how to care for the trees in my yard. Now I can confidently replace trees that are old and dying on my property thanks to help from Canopy!

Trees 101 Class

Love trees? Make sure your landscaping plan begins with CanopyBloomington's Trees 101 class, a FREE 90-minute Zoom instructional course.  The class will be offered on Zoom once a week from mid-February through April. Evening and weekend slots are available. Space is limited so sign up now!

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