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Tree Watering Guide

Watering is a necessary maintenance procedure to keep urban trees alive, especially when they’re young. Read through the following information to learn more about the best watering practices.

What is a water gator?

If you participated in a tree planting with Canopy, then your newly planted trees will all have water gators. These gators slowly release water into the ground so the roots can absorb it over time. This promotes deep root growth and reduces drought stress.


Please watch this video to learn more about how to fill a tree gator.​

When and How Often to Water


What time of year:

Trees should be watered from spring to fall for the first 3 years.  Young trees need a little extra help getting the water they need. For the first three years, make sure to water your trees at the start of spring through the end of fall.

How often:

Each tree needs 15 gallons of water a week.  Each water gator holds 15 gallons of water. Fill your water gator every 5-7 days for the best watering schedule. Pay special attention to your trees when temperatures reach above 85 F - your trees might need some extra water during these heat waves.

Variation depending on weather.  The amount of times you water will depend on rainfall. The soil should be moist but not soaked.

Who is in charge of watering my trees?

When discussing a tree planting, the main contact from the organization and the CanopyBloomington forester should discuss a watering plan. For CanopyBloomington plantings, the partner organization or neighborhood is responsible for watering the trees.

What you need to water your trees

 All you need is water, a hose, and a good schedule.


Please reach out to Canopy's forester if you have any questions or concerns with watering your trees.

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