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Anyone can request plantings from us! Plantings are 100% free of charge to you. If you live in a neighborhood, or are a school, place of worship, non-profit, or other business in Bloomington, please use the following identification methods to find if your property is within a high-, moderate-, or low-priority area.

If your property is within a residential neighborhood boundary:
Use the priority ranking levels for neighborhoods by checking the box on the Neighborhood_Prioirty layer on the map below to see our priority ranking levels. To search for your address, click the search icon in the top right corner.
If your property is outside of a residential neighborhood boundary: 
Use the priority raking levels for zoning districts by checking the box for the Zoning_Priority layer on the map below. Zoning districts are the smallest geographic scale that the Bloomington canopy cover assessment was analyzed at. We use this geographic scale because it is more accurate than using larger-scale assessments, such as at the census tract level.

Please refer to the "How to Plant a Tree with Canopy"          guide here for more information!

How to plant trees with CanopyBloomington



Community partners and Canopy will be in contact 4 to 6 months in advance. CanopyBloomington does a limited number of plantings per year and will prioritize locations based on our map.


Initial Meeting

The community partners and the forestry director meet to discuss preferred locations for the trees and sign a tree agreement.


Utilitity Locates

The forestry director arranges for utility locations in the proposed areas.


Site Visit

The community partners and forestry director meet to discuss the final planting locations and species selection.


Final Approval

The community partners approve the the final map created by the forestry director and set a planting date.


Planting Day

The community partners are expected to provide a 1:1 ratio of volunteers to trees. Bluestone will deliver the trees and mulch to the planting site on the day of planting. Canopy will coordinate all of the details with the sites prior to planting.

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