Our Projects and Initiatives

In our first year as an organization, we will focus on piloting our Youth Tree Tenders program, establishing trees in under-canopied neighborhoods and residential areas, and enhancing tree education among Bloomington residents and youth. Our partnership agreement with the City of Bloomington will allow us to host joint-tree planting events and ensure we are growing our urban forest canopy on both public and private land. Developing up our Youth Tree Tenders program and building a robust network of volunteers will ensure that all new (and existing) trees in Bloomington will be properly planted, pruned, watered and cared for.


Residential Tree Plantings

Our goal is to plant trees in areas of Bloomington that lack quality tree canopy and therefore, lack the economic, health, social, and environmental benefits trees provide. We'll partner with Bloomington's residential and neighborhood communities to host tree planting events and help maintain those planted trees. Neighborhoods with low canopy cover or trees in poor health will be prioritized. It’s important that our volunteer pool for each planting event is largely composed of residents and youth from the neighborhoods we plant trees in to bring a greater sense of connectedness and provide an opportunity for neighbors to mingle and bond over environmental stewardship. We’ll also accomplish this by hosting a meeting and an educational event prior to the planting event.

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Youth Tree Tenders Program

 Through paid opportunities for high school students, CanopyBloomington’s Youth Tree Tenders program will train and educate teenagers about the benefits of trees and why it’s necessary that we care for them, and allow them to apply that knowledge in the field through tree plantings and maintenance. The program will consist of a summer-long program of tree planting, watering, and pruning procedures and other educational, enrichment, and team-building activities led by our knowledgable staff and board members. Our pilot program is projected to begin in spring of 2022, stay tuned for updates!

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Tree Education & Care Initiative

One of our goals that is central to our mission is to increase knowledge about urban trees in our town and advance environmental stewardship so our urban forest can be resilient, healthy, and equitable for years to come. We will do this by engaging Bloomington residents and youth in tree planting and pruning efforts, enhancing education and awareness of Bloomington’s urban forest, and improving overall environmental literacy that can extend to friends, families, and neighbors. We will host joint educational events, workdays, and workshops with other organizations and City of Bloomington departments that have shared goals, including the Parks and Recreation Department whom we have a partnership agreement with. Additionally, we are in the process of building out our website to be an accessible database of tree education materials, local urban forest research, and more.

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