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Urban Tree Canopy Benefits

Updated: Jun 25, 2023

Urban tree canopies provide a multitude of benefits. Beyond beauty and shade, there are multiple health, economic, environmental, and social benefits of an urban forest.

Health: Trees have a measurable positive impact on both physical and mental health. Trees boost the immune system, reduce deaths from heart attacks and strokes, reduce mental stress, and reduce heat-related physical stress. Additionally, trees improve mood, brain function, and sleep.

Economic: Generally, trees provide substantial increases in property value (studies show up to 15%) and reduced energy costs for residents. Shoppers also love trees, wanting to travel further and spend more money in tree covered areas.

Environmental: Trees are a real solution to mitigating the impacts of climate change and building a resilient community. Trees sequester carbon, manage water, conserve energy usage, moderate temperature, and improve air quality.

Social: Trees bring the community together as they give spaces for social activities and give a greater sense of belonging. Tree planting programs and other community events around nature promote civic involvement, social engagement, and environmental knowledge.

Help us further our mission of “Cultivating a community-powered urban forest” by donating at, so Bloomington can see these fruits.

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