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Thank you to our Launch Supporters who donated to our kick-off crowdfunding campaign and provided us with the necessary funds to get CanopyBloomington off the ground! We appreciate your generosity and your belief in our mission. Now, let's get to work!

 Leadership Launch Supporters 

Anonymous Donor-Advised Component Fund of the

Community Foundation of Bloomington and Monroe County

James Capshew

Burney and Barb Fischer

Philippa Guthrie

David & Kathryn Mincey

Sarah Mincey

Jeff & Legene White

Sheryl Woodhouse

 Launch Supporters 

Sky Adams

Andrews Family

Mary Claire Bassett

Marcia Veldman & Bryan Berkly

Emily Chester

Amy Countryman & Jeff Mansfield

Sybil Eakin

Nancy Fribley

Eric Fritz

Coley Gillespie

Alejandro Gomez-Pamplona

Joel Grant & Erin Duff

D. Granger

Jeff Greene

Michael & Stephanie Gregory

Erin Hatch & Daniel Ishmael

Gail Hatch

Erin Hollinden

Marcella Hughes & James Russell

Sue Hughes

Heather Jones

Rob Kendall

Lara Kriegel

Lawrence Kulish

Autumn Lewis

Allegra Mautner

Jeff Mease

Wayne & Cindy Mincey

Laura Mojonnier

Darlene Noesen


Gwen Pickett

Andrew Predmore

Matt & Jennifer Prusa

Kori Renn

Patricia Russo

Drew Schrader

Kelli Shannon

Tina & Tony Somes

Robert D. Specht

Veda Stanfield

Mia Williams

Sharon Woodhouse

Ken & Pat Woodhouse

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