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Apply for our Youth Tree Tender Program!
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Are you a high school student who is seeking summer employment? Do you enjoy the outdoors, sustainability, and the environment? Apply for our new youth summer employment program to become a steward of Bloomington’s urban forest!


CanopyBloomington is a new 501(c)(3) social impact organization based in Bloomington. We engage our community in planting and caring for our urban forest together, in order to build a resilient and equitably green city for all. Our overall project is the planting of more trees in Bloomington to address tree equity issues, enhance climate resiliency, and to engage community members as stewards of our urban forest. 


Our Youth Tree Tenders program trains and educates teenagers about the benefits of trees, why it’s necessary to care for them, and allows them to apply that knowledge in the field through tree maintenance. In addition to watering, pruning, and mulching trees, Youth Tree Tenders will participate in environmental education modules, team building activities, and have opportunities to gain life-enrichment and career development skills. This year's program will run through the month of June. Have any additional questions? Please contact our us at


Applicants must be at least 16 years of age, currently enrolled in high school,  and have an interest in and ability to perform physical labor such as digging, carrying tools and buckets of mulch, and pulling ~15 gallon water tanks on wheels. Applicants have a responsibility of being punctual and consistent in attendance. Additionally, applicants must be unbiased towards gender, sexual orientation, and race/ethnicity.


20 hrs per week, 5 days a week

M - F, 9am - 1pm

Start Date: Thursday, June 1st

End Date: Friday, June 30th

Applications for this position will open on Monday, April 24th and will close on Friday, May 12th!


$15 per hour

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